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2019 Six Nations Championship is close at hand, and many rugby fans around the world are waiting for February 1 with bated breath. Like many other sports, rugby is an exciting game for not only its breathtaking performance, but also its betting. Numerous people from all over the world have been betting to increase the joy of the games. When it comes to rugby betting, there are a couple of things different from usual match betting. In this point, you may need a rugby betting guide to teach you some tips and methods. Being your rugby betting guide, we will explain how to bet in rugby matches and some important tips for you to increase your chances to win.

Top 5 things to do before betting on a Rugby game

1.Understand the difference between Rugby Union and Rugby League.

Rugby includes two different sports: Rugby Union and Rugby League. These two sports have couple of things in common, but at the same time they are very different. Therefore, you need to realize that they are two different formats before betting. The way you bet on a Rugby Union match can be completely different when it comes to Rugby League.

2.Try multiple bookmakers

Certain matches you want to bet may not be available in some bookmakers, therefore you need to register with as many bookmakers as possible to eliminate this possibility.

3.Stick to the right markets for rugby betting

Unfortunately, there are rugby betting markets that use certain popular markets in rugby betting. In this case, your bet goes under a big risk as rugby betting works differently from other games. Thankfully, there are alternative scoring markets that you can trust such as money line, handicaps, totals and winning margins.

4.Check the conditions of your team players

Rugby matches are different from other sports as the teams are constantly in matches. This can lead to the weakening of their stamina, fitness and motivation. Moreover, if your favorite player in the team is retired from the match you’re about to bet on, the chances of the team’s winning may lessen. We suggest you control the player’s condition regularly and make your bet accordingly.

5.Follow certain rugby betting strategies

There are several strategies you should consider while betting, as even a smallest record can change the course of the game. The most important strategies are following the head to head record of the game, analyzing the form of the players and their possible strategies and checking the venue record and injured players. Moreover, the impact of the Home Court Advantage cannot be underestimated. If the match is in one of the team’s home field, the crowd will have a huge positive effect on the players’ motivation and performance.

To sum up, rugby betting can be a complicated process, yet it is worth for its joy and glow. You may not win huge amounts, but the excitement of the competitions and your bets will give an unforgettable experience that you’ll remember with a smile on your face. In this short article, we’ve explained some of the tips of a good betting as being a rugby betting guide. As the Six Nations is about to start, we hope we could be of help.

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Sat 1 Oct, 2017
14.30 pm Kick Off
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Sat 1 Oct, 2017
14.30 pm Kick Off
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